About Fulcrum Business Support

Brett Griffith, Fulcrum Business Support

Brett Griffith is a highly experienced, senior level business consultant. He leverages his educational and training background, his broad career experience, and his IIB accreditation to guide and support business owners in overcoming their challenges and reaching their goals.

Highly experienced

  • 30+ year career – apprentice through to general management plus strategic advisor to CEOs and board members and advisor to worldwide think tanks
  • Broad management experience – people manager, process manager, strategy manager
  • 11+ industries – car manufacturing, retail, paint, warehousing and logistics, printing, distribution, signage and branding, mobile phone infrastructure, non-destructive testing, plastic injection moulding, die casting and cnc manufacturing

Strategically focused

  • Committed to helping clients identify issues, develop plans and implement procedures to reach specific goals in defined timeframes


  • Develops sensible and useful plans and processes that can be reasonably implemented and measured

“Hands on”

  • Gets actively involved in the implementation process to ensure successful delivery of plans

Aligned with senior level experts

  • Able to apply specialist knowledge to any business issue through his affiliation with the IIB

Uniquely skilled in relationship building

  • Able to foster communication and create a performance culture at all organisational levels because of his shopfloor-through-to-boardroom experience

Educated and trained

  • IIB accreditation
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Post graduate diploma in Ergonomics
  • Industrial engineering degree
  • Qualifications in Design Drafting and Pattern/Model Making

Ready to work with you

Contact Brett at Fulcrum Business Support today to find out if you qualify for our time-limited, FREE initial 2 hour business brainstorming session. Use Brett’s knowledge and experience to help make your business a success.