About IIB


IIB accreditation gives Fulcrum Business Support access to highly skilled, highly experienced business specialists in every field, so we can help you with any business challenge or goal.

What is the IIB?

  • the Institute for Independent Business
  • the leading global organisation for research, training and support for independent businesses since 1984
  • provides an exclusive accreditation program for select senior level business people whose goal is to provide small and medium size business with “practical advice that works”

What does IIB accreditation mean?

  • Entry to the program is exclusive and open only to selected senior level business specialists around the world
  • Graduates successfully complete an extensive program which includes distance learning and residential business school
  • Graduates successfully learn and can apply proven frameworks for supporting small and medium sized businesses
  • Graduates have access to further training and skills development through monthly training workshops and internet based education
  • Graduates have exclusive access to the knowledge, skills and support of the IIB network of 5,000+ business specialists around the world
  • Graduates are obligated to adhere to a strict code of ethics

What does Fulcrum Business Support’s IIB accreditation mean for you?

  • We are highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable in helping small and medium size businesses with practical advice that works
  • We can help you with any business challenge or goal through the support of our IIB network of business specialists
  • We are ethical

How can Fulcrum Business Systems help you?

We can apply our experience, knowledge, skills and IIB training and support to provide you with ‘practical advice that works’ to grow a successful business. Contact Fulcrum Business Support today to find out if you qualify for our time-limited, FREE initial 2 hour business brainstorming session. Get your business started on its way to success today!