Government Grants

Fulcrum Business Support is your accredited specialist to introduce and recommend the best Government Grant that suits your business growth.  Our team is experienced in guiding you through the red tape to get applications ‘fast tracked’.
While there is lots of paperwork, there is a number of milestones that need to be met, each milestone requiring professional reporting to satisfy Government criteria.

The scope and availability of government grants regularly change and requires an understanding of your business needs and objectives to determine eligibility. However some typical Federal and State Funding Grants may include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Exporting
  • Business Development
  • Commercialisation
  • Training
  • Development of Digital Capabilities

Federal and State Government funding is available to various manufacturing sectors located in both urban and regional locations.

Research and Development
Federal funding is available to assist companies to develop domestic manufacturing, engineering and software programs.

There are Federal Government Grants to assist in exporting/marketing promotional travel costs.

Business Development
The development of strategic business plans, marketing plans, annual budgets and profit forecasting.

Innovation and Business Start-ups
Federal Government has allocated to support Australian based initiatives.

This funding is to help kick start entrepreneurs and companies with good ideas but little commercial experience under their belt.

Depending on eligibility in house training may be subsidized by over 50 percent.

Development of Digital Capabilities
There are a number of state based grants designed to assist businesses in increasing digital capabilities.

Fulcrum Business Support can help identify what relevant Government Funding is available to suit your objectives. Funding Opportunities and eligibility requirements regularly change. Contact us now to discuss your needs and we can provide advice on to help you access funding.